Family Dog K-9, Inc. is a dog training academy established since 1985, by its owner and professional trainer Josue Colón who has trained over fifteen National Champions at national and international competitions.

Our main purpose and objective is the integration of the dog to the family. That the people who have the fortune of owning a dog learn to know him, from the breed’s origin, to the utility for which it was created.
This makes possible to comprehend, in an easier way, the origin of its behavior under the different circumstances that present throughout its life with us. Achieving by this, a better life with our dog, and good use of its many qualities in benefit of the family where it belongs. Family Dog K-9 Training Academy has more than 25 years of experience in the training of dogs at all levels, and has been awarded prestigious prizes from the AKC, FCI, NARA, and the ASR.

Our Experince Make the Difference