These programs are designed by the American Kennel club (A.K.C), which can determine if a dog is safe to interact in the community, through different tests that will determine the behavior of a dog in society. They are used for certifications of service and therapy dogs. Some insurance companies apply these certifications to insure some breeds that are not normally insured and some condo associations around the state require that all dogs in the complex be certified in some of these tests.


Certifications for different types of service and therapy dogs.

Course designed to prepare professional trainers in the different areas, such as: psychology, genetics, obedience, agility, decoy, protection and defense, kennel management, boarding, etc.

The temperament is something innate (congenital), the temperaments accompany the dog from the moment it is born, until the end of its days, can be modified to improve (never changed). Know your dog, Service dog, Companion Dog, Protection Dog.

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Canine Temperament test (CTT) or Canine Protection Temperament Test (CPTT)